Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Concept of Milk Factory that all mommies should know...

Jumlah normal susu ibu yang boleh dihasilkan adalah sekitar 2 ke 3 oz.

Ianya juga tidak mempunyai kaitan dengan masa.
Ini bermakna sekiranya ibu mengepam setiap jam, ibu boleh mendapat susu sekitar 2 ke 3 oz (untuk satu breast), dan jika ibu mengepam 3-4 jam sekalipun, ibu tetap mendapat 2 ke 3 oz sahaja.
Di dalam breast terdapat sel alveoli yang menghasilkan susu.
Jumlah sel alveoli berbeza antara ibu dan juga antara breast kiri dan kanan.
Jumlah sel alveoli akan menentukan berapa CEPAT susu ibu boleh dihasilkan.
Selepas itu, susu ini akan dikumpulkan di milk sinus.
Saiz milk sinus berbeza antara ibu dan juga antara breast kiri dan kanan.
Saiz milk sinus akan menentukan berapa BANYAK susu yang boleh ibu simpan pada satu-satu masa.
Ini tidak bermakna yang jika ibu mempunyai jumlah sel alveoli yang sedikit dan saiz milk sinus yang kecil, ibu tidak mampu menyusukan bayi secara eksklusif.
Ia cuma bermakna yang ibu perlu mengeluarkan susu dengan lebih kerap.
Dan ya, sekiranya ibu mempunyai jumlah sel alveoli yang banyak dan saiz milk sinus yang besar, ianya lebih mudah dan ibu boleh menjarakkan masa antara perahan tanpa memberi kesan kepada bekalan susu.
Bayangkan breast anda seperti pam tandas. Setiap kali ianya dipam, ia hanya boleh mengeluarkan air sebanyak 3 oz.
Jika anda flush 3 kali sehari, 3 kali x 3 oz, anda akan mengeluarkan air sebanyak 9 oz.
Sebaliknya, jika anda flush 10 kali sehari, 10 kali x 3 oz, anda telahpun menghasilkan air sebanyak 30 oz.
Jadi, berapa jumlah anda perlu flush bergantung kepada berapa jumlah air yang mahu anda keluarkan.
Jangan biarkan susu tersimpan di dalam sinus melebihi 2 jam, ia akan menghantar isyarat yang salah ke badan otak = SUSU TIDAK DIPERLUKAN.
Dan otak akan menghantar mesej menghentikan operasi kepada alveoli = HENTI OPERASI
Dengan itu, penghasilan susu akan berkurangan secara perlahan-lahan dan akhirnya berhenti sepenuhnya.

so its totally not about size that determine how much milk one can produce... and it is a FACT that only determine mommies can last long in breastfeeding journey. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I learn that no matter how much effort you put for your matter how much responsibility you have to hold... it is all useless...

I guess this is how it works in the 'G' world...whether u perform or you don't, whether u were asked to hold so much responsibility as compared to others who don't...

You are no different to others who don't perform...others who don't hold responsibility...

Allah...please give strength to me...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Young mommies...

It has been ages since the last time i wrote in this. i even pause for some time trying to remember the password to log in. hah....having the thought of closing down this blog anyway...

But, some scene have just call me to express my thought and i guess this blog will be the best listener. 

I guess only now i understand why Kak Has really push herself seeing me day and night, even at 1 am after finished her work at PNMB long ago, then came visiting me at the hospital knowing that i had difficulty trying to feed my son. And it does not stop there. She will ensure that she came visited me during lunch hour + after office until late night almost everyday to ensure i succeed in breastfeeding my child. 

At some point during that time, i get fed up with her. i feel like its about my son and i have the right to choose whether or not to feed him in any way that i want...whether breastfeeding or formula milk. After all, i grew up with formula milk. None of my family members breastfed.  And all of us grew up well....and that is my perception as young mommies...

At one point, i get fed up with her, my milk doesn't come out even after day 4 and she refuse to let me use formula milk while (i assume) she dont understand how suffer i am to hold on with the cries of my baby day and night thinking that he's hungry. With no sleep at all, no parents to help since both of my parents and in law were performing Hajj, with blurred husband turning into a young father who trying his best to help but don't know what to do... i get so whole body starts to swollen.. i don't turn on TV at all, i don't have proper meal since i don't what can and cannot be taken during pantang, aunties start telling me that my son "kena gangguan" because he didn't stop crying, i start to hate people who came and visited me at home since i'll be listening to all kind of comments that i'm not performing proper pantang, going up and down the stairs, not taking care of my son properly, cannot eat this, cannot eat that....bla...bla...bla... Then i started to stop taking calls. i turn off my phone and even kak has were in front of my house, i refuse to open the i dont know she is there. How cruel i am....well....again..i'm a young mommies with all the ego in me..

Then, the sun starts to shine. Kak Has did not give up on me. She keeps coming to my house and she even look for a bidan to massage me. My parents came back from Makkah and everything starts to change. At that time, i had asked my husband to buy formula milk S-26 and its already on the table ready to be serve to my son. But again Kak has stop me. Then kak Has started to call her friend who is also a breastfeeding counselor to give me moral support and she even consult Dr. Kamariah, lactation specialist about my case who fail to breastfeed. 

I started to turn on the TV, with bidan came to my house to massage body and to flow out the milk.... i remember the first time i see the colostrum out that it breaks me into tears... that i don't believe i had the chance to feed my son.. but now it all change... and that time i swear to myself that i will only breastfeed my son as long as i formula milk at all..

The challenge doesn't stop there, i had bleeding nipple, severe back pain, etc but i refuse to give up. Sleepless night is not a challenge anymore. When u had the will...u'll have the power. My baby get warded for prolonged jaundice for almost a month and i direct feed him all the time at the hospital. No excuse for me to get rest. That is my duty and my son deserve the best from me. 

And now, to see other mother who easily give up on breastfeeding....really frustrated me... it brings back the memory when i started the breastfeeding journey which is so difficult...and even my parents ask me to use formula milk..but Allah's will...i succeed. 

My salutation to all breastfeeding mother.... i know its not easy...but please atleast fight for exclusive breastfeed for 6 plain water at all, no solid food.. No Formula MILK! Go buy books. Read as much as u can about breastfeeding. Get involved with breastfeeding mothers. Ask questions. Don't put your ego upfront...u are nothing but just young mommies...

To Kak Has, your help mean the world to me and Ean & Ucop. Thanks you so much..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playing with colors

Hello girls :)

Just want to share you some tips on fashion that i practice. One thing that i feel important in dressing up is that 


You should know what kind of body type you have and what works for it, but don’t take these fashion rules for granted:

Instead, spend some time experimenting with different looks, and work out what looks good on you. A good tip here is to take a photo of yourself in different outfits – it’ll give you a much better idea of how you really look than a glance in the mirror.

Remember to check out how you look from the back and the side as well as from the front, and if you can rope in a trusted friend to give you some honest advice, so much the better.

I believe matching colors between your scarf, tops and bottom & bags, accessories, shoes is not applicable anymore. You can put a satin green scarf with printed cream top and a pink bottom together with brown shoes as long as you are confident and feel good in wearing it. But please don't wear like this to office. pening kot orang kat office tengok. hehehhe...

Asas kepada pemakaian yang baik adalah mengenali bentuk badan kita and sesuaikan dengan pemakaian dan the utmost important thing is Jangan TAKUT untuk bereksperimen :)

Have a nice day ladies..


Arayna Suitcase

Sunday, December 2, 2012


All the P-E-s had a session with the top boss today and its interesting to see how different the leadership were when we were serving the previous boss. He gave his introduction speech  telling stories on his struggling life as young officer, etc. there were Q&A session and some were throwing out interesting questions, observations, suggestions, etc.

One thing that he mention about the use of English and that young officers should be well verse in English and buck up knowledge not just on our desk task, but also others things which will be benefiting us in the future. he encourage us to read and explore things. write blog as well. and he said, u can know a person just by reading what he/she write and that if the blog only surrounds about things that she do daily, her husband, kids, cooking, etc, pity her that the mentality is only on that level.

which i am totally not agree.

Being a modest blogger, (sebab xfamous macam Maria Elena or Shea Rasol, apatah lagi Hanis Zalikha or Fatin Suhana) given me the chance to have cyber friends who seems like a nice perfect friend on cyber, but not in real life.

in not saying they are not a nice person but they are not as nice as you can judge as per their blog. you can have all your friends supporting you when you write about your problem in your blog, but in real life, no one turns for you except for your family.

having a blog given you a chance to throw your thinking and ideas through your fingers. you can also convey your feeling. but it may not be you. you think what you want to write and at times you may write what is not you. because of various reasons. you dont want to look bad on others, other perspective on you, etc.

to me, judging a person purely just by reading her blog is totally not fair. she can be writing on her blog just about family and what she cook, her passion, etc. and not talking about economy, what happen in the world, trade, movement of share price, etc and it doesn't mean that she is not educated, not open minded, not steps taker.

ah long (master chef) may look so dull when you see him face to face but look at how amazing he is when he cooks and decorate food.

lesson learn: you have no right to judge a person. let HIM with all His power to judge. will you just have good faith in others?

latest hype on lookbook

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Arayna First tribute

Alhamdulillah Arayna is now coming up with our first tribute of tailor made collection. Each fabric is pick by myself and surely i will only pick fabrics that i love. it is a simple design, yet still cover up. Some of my looks on the 1st design. both tops and pants is by Arayna. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Everything is possible

Hi all, sorry for long hiatus...and yes this is common...hahahhah...semakin lama semakin malas nak update blog.. and for some weird reason i cannot open my own blog. it says malware detection. does anyone knows  how to clear it? hope i dont have to delete this contains memories, stories and journey....sedihnye kalau kena delete.

Owh, btw, i have change the blog address. it is now my name.. easier to pronounce kan....hahha...the previous name (aranayze) is actually my chat nama masa zaman bercinta dulu...hahaha...ntah macam mana ntah dapat nama tu...dah la nama susah nak sebut plak tu. hihi..

This blog post is actually a refresher. i don't know what to put for the title so here is what comes to my mind. ( although i'm not sure the content is related or not). Honestly, me as a person, have change a lot recently. The way i see things, judge other people, relationship with people surrounding me, families, in laws, obligation as a slave to Allah, almost everything. Alhamdulillah. i hope i change towards a better way of living. and i hope i benefits others in any way that i can help. insya Allah..

But for sure changing yourself is not easy. it takes perseverance and patient. how long can you sustain to be a good person...not for others, but for yourself. Seteguh mana hati untuk menahan diri dari melakukan kemungkaran, menjaga mulut, menjaga hati, menjaga tingkahlaku, menjaga solat, menjalankan tanggungjawab pada semua orang di sekeliling terutama husband, anak, ummi abah, and adik2...tolong adik beradik lain yang masih mencari jalan hidup...hmmm..i hope i succeed.

This blog post could be a boring blog post for some of you. but it is what is currently happening in my life now. if i dare to take the challenge to change myself to a better life, i hope you do too.

Good day ahead peeps:)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

H&M Opening

i know...i know...i owe u a slap on my face for being in long hiatus...i'm sorry for that. i am super busy lately with lots of workload, plus the unit where i attached for the last 5 years keeps on shrinking and shrinking year by year....haih!! i can see people come and go, leaving me still...with this unit...and comes moment and time that all this has become a bored job...making me realise i need to do other things to brighten up my days... 

so i decided to get myself  closer to what i!...i must say i'm not really good at it but i love to try put on something new and vibrant:)) lets not limit our self to look "biasa-biasa je" will ya? heeee....

ape la melalut panjang sangat ni...hahha. i was trying to share my experience shopping at the newly born, H&M boutique at Lot10, Bukit Bintang. i went there last week. i must go there before 29 sept as the voucher worth RM50 that i won from H&M FB valid only from 22-29 sept. ni gambar ntahape2 happy menang voucher. hahahha...

it was thursday night. i rushed home at 6pm, begging my husband to drive me to H&M. it it the last chance i can go there as the next day, we 'll be busy preparing for our first booth on Saturday. luckily my husband agree and we leave after maghrib, reached Jalan Bukit Bintang around 9pm and it was as usual packed and jammed. tapi my husband yang pandai giler cilok2 + guna jalan short cut sini sana, ktorg dapat parking dalam bangunan Lot10 and masuk bangunan Lot 10 tu i was confused for a while. kosong kot. semua kedai cam lengang gile and xde customer. i was like a very happening shopping mall from outside, but empty inside. kesian kan...hmmmm...whatever...terpusing2 jap cari H&M, pastu taraaaa....dah jumpa. masuk je H&M, berbeza gile dengan environment kat luar ok....punyelah ramai orang....xkira lelaki or perempuan...baju pun banyak what i love most is that semua sales assistant dia stylo mylo...even in plain shirt. love.

so operasi mencari the best baju that i can rarely found at any other store begin....pusing punye pusing...end up i pick this...

and ni my son yang sibuk jugak main bawah baju...hihi..

and shopping ean...

ok...managed to shop within half an hour...time limit set by my hubby...heheh...thanks ayg...layan jugak karenah wife ngade2 ni...hahahhaha...

time to go home....happy mode~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

yes i know it might be a bit late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri but aren't we fast for a month and we celebrate it for a month as well? so here my wish to you...Happy Eid Mubarak...and surely this Ramadhan is very different compared to all Ramadhan i've been thru all my life so far...semoga setiap hati kita semakin dekat kepada-Nya...amin..

i've been very busy lately...almost 3 quarter of my every day spent at office but i guess i enjoy this year peak period better. maybe because i have learn how to be thankful of what i had...alhamdulillah...

so how was your Eid celebration so far? my first week of syawal (which was the only time i can celebrate it) has been exquisite. it is my in law turn n we were celebrating it at Bukit Antarabngsa and my task were all in the kitchen....baking+bakin+baking+cooking+cooking+cooking+ clearing all the mess after kena serbu. heheh...but it was really fun to see others enjoying my cook..

here goes some of the picture during our Raya..

my crazy in law family:)

my lovely MIL:))
my lawa sister in law, aishah adik bongsu, kyra budak nakal n eti budak busuk.hahha..

me & my husband, yusof ariff

my adik bongsu, aishah & sis in law, kak anak dara kan dia? ish..jeles!
ok tu je, till we meet again in upcoming entry. toddles..